Real Estate in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I sold Real Estate in Fort Wayne Indiana for over 4 years. The experience was great and very educational. I learned a lot about how the Real Estate industry works. Now that I am not selling Real Estate my site is dedicated to Real Estate agent links and tip and trick for landlords on rental property repairs and various other related information. Feel free to browse and maybe you can pick up on some free useful information.

If you feel you are in the market for a home my advise to you is to first go to a lender and get pre approved that will tell you around what price range you can look in and be able to purchase. If you are pre approved for $50,000 and you want to spend $50,000 you could have your agent look for a home listed up to about $55,000. If you are going to buy a home for $50,000 I suggest you get one that you will not need to put a lot of money into. If you are approved for $50,000 you don’t want to go out and look for a $50,000 fixer upper.‘ If you are approved for $50,000 and you get a $50,000 fixer upper you will have a hard time saving up money to fix it up. That doesn’t mean you have to get a house that is in perfect condition but I would recommend it not need major work.”

I know from my own personal experience that if you buy a fixer upper money disappears fast. You might think you have enough money to do want you want with the property but nothing ever seems to work out like it does on paper. It always seems to cost you more that what you figure on paper.

Fort Wayne is a city in northeastern Indiana, USA and the county seat of Allen County. As of 2005, an estimated 248,341 lived in the city proper. Nearly equidistant from Chicago, Cincinnati, and Detroit, it has historically served as a transportation and communications center for the region, and an incubator for many products and companies, much more so than its size might suggest. Fort Wayne is Indiana’s second largest city after Indianapolis, the state’s capital.

Fort Wayne is named after Gen. “Mad” Anthony Wayne. The United States Army built this last of a series of forts near the community of Kekionga, the largest of all Miami villages, located where the St. Joseph River and St. Marys River join to form the Maumee River.

Fort Wayne is a great place to live and work. Come and visit you will find that Fort Wayne has earned its nicknames of “City of Restaurants” and “City of Churches.” The cost of living in Fort Wayne is about 9% below the national average.

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